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Keep walking on road marking safetyGlass beads have a property known as "retro reflectivity" that sends back the incoming light toward the light source. When you drive at night, light from car's headlights goes into the glass beads embedded in road markings and is reflected back to the driver effectively. Thus, road markings are visible even in the dark as if they were shining.
Strong technical force
with a professional technical team, the existing heat exchange equipment manufacturing technology, rapid cooling of glass bead production and processing of layered transport device, etc. 15 patents.
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company in North China, northeast, Northwest Region has a number of production enterprises, output stability, quality assurance
Industry trends

Industry trends


1. Reduce weight: It can reduce the density of the concrete and reduce the dead weight of the building.2. Improve strength: Fill the pores in the concrete to enhance the compactness of the concrete...
INTERTRAFFIC AMSTERDAM, the Dutch transportation exhibition, is the world's largest international traffic management and road transportation industry exposition hosted by RAI Expo Company in Amster...
we will attend INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam 16th-19th April 2024 Booth number:07.120
LangFang Dylan Technology Co.,The situation at the exhibition site in   INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam.                         
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